Body treatments take place in our wet room under a relaxing Vichy shower. All treatments include an application of moisturizing cream. An additional fee will be added to any body treatment for head shampoo and conditioner. We customize all body treatments according to your individual skin and body needs.

Body Treatments prices start at $75.00

Body Polish

Pumpkin & Pumice or seasonal body polish under a cascading vichy shower and relaxing music to help relax and gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Honey Wrap

A luxurious treatment, the honey wrap begins with a loofah polish, then a blend of warm honey and essential oils are applied to the entire body followed by a thermal wrap.

Herbal Mud Wrap

Warm Seafoam Mud Wrap provides the perfect solution for those with tight, sore muscles, sports strains, or a sore stiff back. The detoxifying and remineralizing qualities of the mud makes this a sinfully relaxing treatment.

Fruit Scrub & Herbal Mud Wrap

Includes a total body polish with 100% organic fruit pulp and herbs under a cascading shower. Then followed by a Herbal Mud massage. This treatment includes a scalp treatment and massage.

Mineral Bath

The Mineral Bath helps reduce joint pain and release stored toxins from within. It also helps overcome many symptoms and improve chronic conditions. This service is provided in complete privacy. A great add-on before any massage.

Beat the Heat

Too Much Sun? Repair and replenish with triple C&E body wrap. Vitamins C and E, which are high in antioxidants, help fight the damage of free radical from UV exposure and help reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Multi-Vitamin Wrap

Envelope your skin in a cocktail of vitamins. Skin is revitalized with carrot and orange pulp infused with honey, lemon and vanilla. This wrap is loaded with vitamin C and cartinoids to hydrate and assist in combating free radicals. This treatment is for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive.