Facials prices range from $75.00 to $225.00  

Micro Dermabrasion Oxygen and Serum infused packages start at $450.00

Get Your Customized Facial!

At our spa, we don’t make you choose what the best option for your skin is, instead our licensed, experience professionals work with you to address the specific concerns skincare concerns you have and develop a customized facial.

Best of all – we want you to love your skincare results long after you walk out of our doors. That’s why we only use all natural products that we developed, so we know they are of the highest quality. You can even take home the products so your complexion radiates day after day. 

Submit the short questionnaire below and our skincare specialists will contact you to begin customizing the absolutely perfect facial unique to you.

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Custom Facial

Your facial is customized to your skins needs after it is analyzed by our professional and experienced esthetician.

Deluxe Spa Facial

This facial is designed for skin showing the signs of aging. Custom designed to correct pigmentation, dehydration, rosacia and lack of vitality. Leaving the skin feeling soft and moist. Includes massage of the hands and scalp.

Teen's Facial

Visibly clear skin to control break-outs before they become a problem with this simple drug free, plant based treatment. Includes skin care starter kit.

Skin Fitness Facial for Men

A facial designed for men who want more than just a great shave. Perfect for men on the go who want results fast. Includes scalp and paraffin hand treatments.

Oxygen and Serum Infused Micro Dermabrasion

This is  an Excellent treatment  for various skin types. Oxygen Jet is the revolutionary approach for skin deep cleansing and intensive moisturizing; stimulation of cells metabolism and oxygenation of lipids, raising cells’ immune activity; increasing skin’s nutrients/growth; transcutaneous delivering of oxygen as well as vitamins and supplements necessary for skin rejuvenation. A unique, painless, neat and sterile procedure.
This Micro Dermabrasion Oxygen and Serum infused treatment  has several benefits: it deep cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and oxygenates the skin. Plus we add Infusion of vitamins and other ingredients to treat specific skin issues.
Our skin treatments are best utilized in conjunction with the use of HBS skincare products.

Waxing Services

– Bikini
– Lip
– Chin
– Full Arm
– Underarm
– Forearm
– Eyebrow Arch